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Our highly specialised, automated electrical solutions are a design like no other - Tailored sepecifically to you!

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the area of electrical automation and can apply automation integration, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology to your systems through their experience in programming and design. 


We can also provide you with full design of electrical systems.

Program Logic Controllers
- PLC's

A programmable logic controller is a specialised computer used to control a machine and its processes.

PLC's share common terms with typical PC's that you may be more familiar with such as; central processing units, memory, software and communications. 

They can be integrated to control plant equipment and machinery, as well as existing equipment into your current control system.

Human Interface Machines
- HMI's

Human Machine Interface - Also known as an HMI is a software application that presents information to an operator or user about the state of a process and to accept and implement the operators control instructions.


Typically information is displayed in a graphic format (Graphical User Interface or GUI).

Automation Intergration

Automating and integrating the functions of control, monitoring and alarms etc of all systems.

We make programs and systems talk to each other!

Electrical Panel Building

We Tailor-make electrical control panels to suit your control requirements. 


Electrical System Design

The design of electrical systems -  This can be as simple as a flashlight cell connected through two wires to a light bulb or as involved as a Ski-lift system.


Electrical systems are groups of electrical components connected to carry out an operation. Often the systems are combined with other systems. They might be subsystems of larger systems and have subsystems of their own.

Safety Design & Automation

Design and implementation of machine safety controls systems based on your specific risk assesment.

We cover small machine safety up to site-wide network systems to a performance level of SIL3/PLe.

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